Have you deleted an essential document accidentally? And by doing that you feel that, all your hard work which you put to prepare that document has gone in vain? And you might think that you have lost that file permanently and can’t recover it back? But you're wrong! You can recover it back. One thing which you might not be knowing is that, the deleted documents and files are present in the same area in which they are saved. And by deleting, you just lost access to them. Which you can definitely get it back. You just need to be making the correct choice of the recovery software. Deleted files recovery is one the most trusted and used software by the corporate and home users. The software can recover deleted PST file, OST file, text files and other documents from Windows 7, XP, Vista and other higher versions of Windows.

MS Office is the most used application in document works. As it provides a number of good attributes for its clients to work on like word, excel sheet, power point etc. There are some other document files which are provided by the operating system and third party softwares like adobe, text files and others. As document files are widely used in day to day life for personal and official work the chances of getting deleted are also increased.

Here are some possible chances from which you may delete document/ doc data:

Human Mistakes: These are the most common mistakes due to which a document might get deleted. You might delete a doc file accidentally, or by just pressing the wrong button. If you encounter this critical situation and looking to recover deleted files from external hard drive, then you can read here - http://www.deletedfilesrecoverysoftware.com/external-hard-drive.html

Abruptly closing of Application: When you use the application sometimes your system suddenly gets restarted due to which application gets corrupted and making you lose all your vital data from the application which may be word file, excel file etc.

Antivirus Scan: Some antivirus when perform scanning they directly delete the affected document file without informing to the user. This may be the reason for doc file to get deleted.

OS crash: When the operating system gets crashed due to some software conflict. There are chances that when your operating system fail to boot and gets crashed you might lose the document files.

What ever may be the reason deleting an important document file can be very expensive. But by using the Deleted file recovery software deleted files can be recovered. The software is made up with a strong algorithm and a team of experts, due to which it can retrieve deleted music files from corrupt Kingston Ultimate SDHC memory card and other types of storage devices easily. The lost file recovery software can be used to restore system files from WD My Passport Essential HDD that won't boot. The software can efficiently use for restoring other data like music, photos, videos etc. The Deleted file recovery software supports both the operating system Windows and Mac. Now you what to do when your document file gets deleted, just download the software demo version of the deleted file recovery tool and get rid of the problem within few mouse clicks. Once you are stratified with the software download the legal version from the same site. This powerful software has the ability to retrieve deleted Excel files deleted due to accidental emptying of Recycle bin, usage of third party applications, etc. It can even get back deleted data from personal computer with utmost ease.

Procedure to Recover Deleted Documents:

1. Launch the installed Deleted files recovery software. It welcomes you with multiple data recovery options. Click on Recover Files and choose Recover Deleted Files. As in Fig 1.

Deleted Document Recovery - Main Windows

Fig 1. Main Windows

2. Later it will ask you to choose the drive from which you need to recover files. Select the drive and click on Next button. As in Fig 2

Deleted Document Recovery - Select Drive Window

Fig 2. Select Drive Window

3. Software performs a sector by sector scan to locate and retrieve deleted Document files and other data files. Once the scanning process finished, you will get a list of recovered files. As in Fig 3

Deleted Document Recovery - List of Recovered files Window

Fig 3.List of Recovered files Window

4. Evaluate the recovered results using a file preview option of the software. If you are well satisfied with recovered results, purchase the legal version of the application to save recovered files

For Leopard (10.5) and

Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users