Documents are nothing but simple word, text, presentation files, etc which you create on your computer frequently. One or the other day you might have accidentally deleted your essential documents and feel extremely bad for doing so. And you might have thinking that all your hard work has gone in vain which you have utilized to prepare the document and you can’t recover it back? But you’re absolutely wrong about it; you can easily restore it using Document Recovery Program. As documents are used at large scale in our daily life for both personal & official use, there are more chances of losing those documents. Incase if you have lost your documents all you need to do is make use of correct recovery software that brings your documents back without modifying them. The document recovery tool is considered to be the best, most reliable, fast, safe and secure software to do this job as it is designed by a team of professional experts. You can utilize this software to get back various types of documents, it efficiently supports Excel file recovery along with other Office files like Word, PowerPoint, etc.

Scenarios for loss of Documents:

Human Errors: Accidental deletion is the most common mistake done by everyone which may lead to loss of important documents.

Abruptly closing of Application: When you use the application sometimes your system suddenly gets restarted due to which application gets corrupted and you may lose all your vital data from the application.

Improper cut-paste: Even though cut-paste is simple way of copying or transferring data somewhere else, but it can cause data loss in some situations like interruption in the transfer process, etc.

Anti-virus or third party tools: Anti-virus software is to prevent your system from virus or malware infection. While scanning this software might delete your valuable documents which get infected.

OS crash / Failure: Sometimes operating system gets crashed due to some software conflicts or issues. Also file system corruption can lead to OS failure which in turn will affect your documents.

Whatever may be the reason for losing the important documents from your personal computer it will be very expensive as you have put lot of efforts to create one? To recover these lost documents you will need an ultimate recovery tool called Document Recovery software. This software ensures complete recovery of documents along with its attributes. Using this software you can retrieve documents not only from hard drives but also USB drives, memory cards, pen drives, iPods, etc. With the help of this powerful application you can recover document files from WD My Passport Essential HDD and also from other popular hard drive manufacturing brands such as Sony, Toshiba, SanDisk, Transcend, etc. The tool comes with very easy to use interface which doesn’t require any technical knowledge. The Program supports different versions of Windows OS and is also available for recovery of deleted documents from Mac. The software allows you to find particular file using Find option based on its unique signature. You can also preview the recovered documents by selecting the document and clicking on the preview button. You can use the “Save recovery session” feature of software to avoid rescan after purchase. The application is present in trial version as well as in complete full version. You can utilize the trial version for evaluation purpose and if satisfied with results then purchase / activate to upgrade to full version. There is also Android recovery tool to recover deleted documents from android devices, to know more regarding it Click here

Note: With the aid of this user friendly application you can readily retrieve files such as documents lost due to accidental formatting, virus infection, etc from jump drive with great ease.

Procedure to Recover Missing Documents:

Step 1: Download and install the free trial version of Document recovery software on your computer. As soon as run the application a window appears as shown in Fig 1. Choose "Recover Files" option among the three options.

Document Recovery Program - Main Window

Fig 1. Main Window

Step 2: Set the drive from where files are to be recovered and allow the software to scan the drive thoroughly. As displayed in Fig 2.

 Document Recovery Program - Select Drive

Fig 2. Select Drive Window

Step 3: As shown in Fig 3, you can view the recovered data in two different viewing patterns like “Data type view” & “File type view” for easy file selection. Select the ones which you need recover.

Document Recovery Program  - Preview Screen

Fig 3.List of Recovered files Window

Step 4: "Preview" option allows you to preview the recovered file to ensure you that right file has been rescued. After that you can choose the drive, to which the rescued data will be stored. It is very important, not to select the source drive otherwise data will be deleted

For Leopard (10.5) and

Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users