Whenever you delete a file from your computer it gets stored in the recycle bin and provides you an opportunity to get back all those deleted files from it using restore option. But the actual problem starts when you don’t find the files there. This may make your heart sink as all the important files, documents, projects and even your photo files are gone forever. Generally it is believed that files deleted from the recycle bin are deleted forever. You may be really surprised to know that even files deleted from the recycle bin can be brought back on Windows machine with ease.

All you need to do is make a use of correct software that bring back all your lost data and image files without modifying or corrupting. Deleted file recovery software is considered as the most reliable, safe and secure software to do this job, as it is designed by the professional experts. There are many reasons to lose files and images from your PC, In order to get back all the delted photo files from your system, click here. You might have come across scenarios which are mentioned below.

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Unsuccessful cut paste: Although cut paste is a simple process of copying data. While transferring data to your pen drive from computer unsuccessfully termination of cut paste process may result in data deletion.

Involuntary Deletion: You might be deleting some not so important data from your personal computer and while doing this, you by mistakenly shift delete some files which bypass recycle bin. And you may suffer some unavoidable data loss scenario.

Due to Antivirus software: To solve problems related to virus infection antivirus software is used. But sometimes antivirus on running a scan may deleted you affected files from PC.

Operating system failure: This is the worst situation of losing data from computer hard drive. Operating system may get crashed due to non maskable expection generated by the internal software problem.

Whatever may be the scenarios and reasons for losing data from your personal computer deleted file recovery tool is the complete and ultimate solution to solve problems related to losing data from PC. Software performs a deep scan of the drive sector by sector by getting data back from corrupted hard drive, pen drive, memory card and other USB drive. Tool comes with the easiest of the user interface so that a person with normal computer knowledge can also get back deleted data without any hitches. Using this software you can bring back lost folder data like photos, audios, videos, documents and other computer data with just a few clicks of the mouse. It allows you to find the particular file based on its file type using “Find option”. Before saving your rescued data you can even preview it by selecting a file and clicking the preview button to preview it. The application is present in trail as well as in the full version. Download the trial version which is free to use and have a close look at the working of software. To know more about the software click here.

Steps to rescue deleted data from PC:

Step 1: Install the download trail version of the software on your PC. And after running the software home screen will be displayed as shown in fig 1.

How do I Find Deleted Files on My PC - Home Screen

Fig 1: Home Screen

Step 2: Click on suitable option and then select drive from the list of logical drives as shown in fig 2

How do I Find Deleted Files on My PC - Select Drive

Fig 2: Select Drive

Step 3: Finally, preview the rescued data as shown in fig 3.

How do I Find Deleted Files on My PC - Preview File

Fig 3: Preview File

For Leopard (10.5) and

Snow Leopard (10.6) Users

For Lion (10.7), Mountain Lion (10.8),
Mavericks & Yosemite(10.10) Users